Mixed pasta in an easy veg sauce


Who doesn’t like pasta? I love all those yummy, rich sauces with chicken or seafish. But who knew the soybean keema can also take a pasta sauce to a whole new level!

Yes, as an experiment, I tried making minced soybean sauce, that turned out to be so yummy, that I will make it again and again. And what more, I even used a easy substitute for cheese used in the sauce!

So, friends you crave for pasta in the middle of the night, but you do not have fancy cheese or minced meat or cans of tomatoes. Fret not dearies, because I present you the most easy to make, with only a few ingredients, pasta that you will love and cherish.

This recipe makes for 3-4 people.



  • 2 cups of mixed pasta (I used a mix of penne, spirali and farfalle);
  • 1 cup of soybean keema or minced soybean;
  • 3 large tomatoes;
  • 3 large cloves of garlic;
  • 3 slices of brown bread;
  • 2 tablespoon of cream;
  • Olive oil, generous amount of chilli flakes and herbs of your choice;
  • Salt and pepper.


  • Grind the bread slices until fine, and bake them in a preheated oven at 180 degree Celsius for 10 minutes;
  • Soak the soybean in boiling water. Drain and keep aside;
  • Prepare the pasta as per instructions; reserve 1 cup of pasta boiling water, before draining. And never ever pour cold water in your pasta, if you are not making it for a salad;
  • Purée tomatoes, along with garlic; keep aside;
  • Now heat 2 tablespoon of olive oil, and add chilli flakes and herbs to the oil; you can also add garlic powder;
  • Now add drained soybean and cook for 3-4 minutes; Add salt to taste;
  • Add the tomato purée; cook for 3-4 minutes. At this time, you can add the reserved pasta water, if the sauce looks thick.
  • Mix in the cream and freshly ground pepper powder, and cook for 2 minutes; Switch off the flame.
  • Now add the pasta and mix well.

When serving, sprinkle a generous amount of baked bread crumbs, which resembles Parmesan, but tastes equally (almost) awesome!


Hope you enjoy this recipe; stay tuned for many more easy cooking recipes.




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